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Winter Wanderland Headband Crochet Pattern

Hello Crochet Lovers!  I am so excited to share with you all today my NEWEST pattern for the “Winter Wanderland Headband”. 

Last week I was on a walk with my favorite person Baxter!  Okay I have to admit…he is my favorite person right behind my husband.  He is my fur baby also known as my dog.  Well it is really starting to get really cold here.  So I figured out that day I could use a headband!  So as soon as I got home I started creating this pattern.  We all know there’s nothing like cold weather to push you to get something done.  Therefore I have now whipped up about 10 of these beauties.  In addition to mine and my daughters who so graciously modeled for me. 

This headband is super easy to complete and incorporates a such a pretty stitch pattern!  Also you can tell from the images the headband is a generous size as it measures approximately 5″ in width and is 8′ length without being stretched.  So it fits an average sized head of 20″-22″. 

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For this pattern you will need basic crochet knowledge.  So if you are new to crochet make sure you check out Basic Stitch Tutorials

So lets jump in and get started!

Handmade Minimalist Pine Wood Yarn Bowls

Winter Wanderland Headband

Easy level project


5″ wide x 8″ long fits average hed size 20″-22″

US terms



Furl’s Wander Yarn

yarn needle



beg:  beginning

ch:  chain

sc:  single crochet

dc:  double crochet

sl st:  slip stitch

fpdc:  front post double crochet

bpdc:  back post double crochet

rnd:  round

rep:  repeat

st:  stitch

sk:  skip


Beginning chain 3 do count as double crochet

Pattern in worked in the round

() work a group of stitches all in the same stitch or space

Rnd 1:  60 chainless foundation dc in the round or ch 60 loosely, sl st to first ch without twisting, dc in every ch around 60 dc

Rnd 2:  ch 3, *fpdc around next st,  bpdc around next st, rep from * around, sl st to beg fpdc 30 fpdc, 30 bpdc

Rnd 3-4:  rep rnd 2

Rnd 5:  ch 1, (sc, dc) in same st as ch 1, sk next st, *(sc, dc) in next st, sk next bpdc, rep from * around, sl st to beg sc 30 sc, 30 dc

Rnd 6:  ch 1, (sc, dc) in same st as ch 1, sk next st, *(sc, dc) in next st, sk next st, rep from * around

Rnd 7-8:  rep rnd 6

Rnd 9:  ch 3, dc in same st as ch 3, dc in every st around, sl st to beg ch 3 60 dc

Rnd 10: ch 3, *fpdc around next st, bpdc around next dc, rep from * around, sl st to beg ch 3 30 fpdc, 30 bpdc

Rnd 11-12: Rep rnd 10

Fasten off and weave in ends


So there you are!  Now that was pretty quick and easy.  So let me know what are your thoughts on this super easy headband???

Did you have any issues completing it?  If so let me know in the comments.  In addition don’t forget to subscribe to the blog today for more crochet goodness.

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Happy Crocheting!


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