Wild Child Hippie Sock Crochet Pattern

Hi all you happy crocheters!  Today I am sharing yet another pair of my favorite projects to crochet.   Therefore we all know it is socks but this time it is a pair of child size socks rightly named Wild Child Hippie Sock crochet pattern. My grand daughter Skylar Grace is my model for these cute rainbow colored socks and guess who picked out the color scheme of these socks!  In addition guess who got to keep the first pair of socks made????  Check out how cute she is and how cute the socks turned out too.

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These sock that my granddaughter is modeling are the toddler size 2-3 yrs old.  In addition the pattern includes youth sizes 4-5 years old and 6-9 years old.  The sizes are achieved by using different hook sizes.  How easy can it get!  

Supplies you will need:

4 med weight yarn I used Hobby Lobby I Love this Yarn because I love their color selection the best and it is readily available where I live without having to order it online.  You will use about 192-350 yards of yarn per pair of socks depending on which size you create.  Each skein has 355 yards in it so if you are a yarn hoarder like I am you might just have enough of the colors you need laying around to make a pair.  In addition you will need one of the 3 hook sizes needed for size you are going to create (I/9-toddler 2-3 yrs old, J/10-youth 4-5 yrs old, K/10 1/2 6-9 yrs old), yarn needle, 48″ of ribbon for 1 pair, 4 buttons, needle/thread and stitch markers.

My favorite hook these days are the Furls streamline hooks!  You got to check these out if you have not done so yet.  I can not say enough good things about these hooks.  I have bought four of the streamline hooks now and have just bought my first Affiliate* ODYSSEY HOOK

Which I can not say enough good thing about this hook either…it is like a hot knife that goes through butter…it glides through the yarn and makes crocheting so much easier you will not believe just how much easier it can be.  I think back to the first couple of days when I first picked up a Furls hook and it felt a bit weird because of the larger shank but let me tell you I now love that larger shank.  So now I even have a rhythm to my crocheting with these hooks that I did not have before.  Yes I know it kind of sound weird but really I do!   

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The Wild Child Hippie Sock pattern uses quite a few different stitch patterns which creates a cute and sassy looking sock that all little girls will fall in love with.  Which colors will your little girl love to have???  I knew my grand baby would want rainbow colors even before she picked out those colors…he he he.  A Mimi’s wisdom. 

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So make sure you check out the paid pattern below


In conclusion the pattern is easy to follow with written instructions, photo tutorial and images for reference.  I hope you enjoy this project.  In addtion make sure you share your projects on social media and tag @offthehookbychrissy so I can see your creations too.

Let me know your thoughts on the Wild Child Hippie Sock pattern.  

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Happy crocheting!


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