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Single Crochet Stitch Tutorial


Single Crochet Stitch is both an easy crochet stitch to learn and one of the most used crochet stitches.  Once you learn this stitch, you will find creating the other basic stitches ie. half double, double crochet and triple crochet stitches easier to create. Single crochet is a solid stitch which is a dense fabric.  In addition that is why it is used in Amigurimi  because it makes a very dense fabric that is very durable. Also, because of its denseness the stuffing used in Amigurimi will not come through the single crochet stitch. 

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Crochet Amigurumi

Single crochet stitch is used by itself or in combination with other crochet stitches in most patterns.  The abbreviation for single crochet is “sc” which is how the stitch is listed in most patterns.  


Step 1

Crochet a foundation chain of 11 chain stitches if you are practicing.  If you are working on a pattern use the number of chains the pattern calls for.  Here are both instructions to view for creating 

Slip Knot  

Chain Stitch


Insert hook into second chain from the hook (Reference images A-1 & A-2).  


Step 2

Yarn over hook and pull yarn thru.  (Reference image A-3).


You now have two loops on your hook.  (Reference image A-4)



Step 3

Yarn over hook and pull yarn thru both loops on hook.  (Reference image A-5).



One single crochet stitch is now complete.  (Reference image A-6).



Now keep repeating process across in every chain stitch. 

Step 4

To start next row chain one and turn your work.  Start inserting hook into the first single crochet on previous row. Then continue repeating the instructions on how to create a single crochet. (Reference image A-7 & A-8).






Now that was not to hard was it?  Please let me know if you still need help by commenting however, here is my video tutorial click here to view 



It is a good practice to count stitches every row to make ensure your work stays consistent.  Also, keep an eye on your work as you crochet.  If you are working a straight piece like below your edges should look relatively straight like this photo.  (Reference image A-9).


If your work starts slanting to the right or left, you are likely not starting or ending your row in the correct stitch.  In addition you will get better the more you practice.  If your work stats to curl just a bit that is fine however, if it really starts to curl up then your tension is probably to tight and you just need to relax some.

So let me know your thoughts and please share and pin this post for future reference.

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