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How To Create With The Best Infant Boots & Hats Crochet Book

How are my Crochet Peeps tonight!

This week I feel like I might be getting somewhere on all of my projects that I have put on the back burner.  Oh for a VERY LONNNG Time!  So this week I finished my free crochet pattern for a “Lace Sun Hat” for babies and added to the blog last week.  Click to check it out!  Click here

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Also, this week I have been reviewing a GREAT crochet book titled Infant Boots & Hats, written by Kristi Simpson.  If you haven’t heard of this crochet artist as of yet then you can now say you have.  Kristi has written 6 charming hat & boot sets.  Six for girls and six for boys.  You can keep your little ones head and piggies warm in these warm and fashionable sets.  The colors that she chooses for the sets are perfect for any occasion.  But if you are like me then go with your gut and change-up the color combos.  Go ahead and be brave!

As you can see I choose to create the High-Top Sneakers & Pom hat in gray, red and black.  I think the set turned out really cute!  Don’t you?  With this pattern you could even roll the hat up a bit for a different look.  This set would be very cute on that special little boy in your life.  My favorite part is the sneakers of course they are super cute in the picture but really are in person.

All of the hats in this book measures 14″ in circumference.  The boots are written in 2 sizes small (2″ W by 3″ L) and medium size (2″ W by 3-1/2″ L).  Newborns heads measure approximately 13″-14″ in circumference so these hat if you follow the gauge should fit really well.

Another feature in regards to this book that I just loved was the color coding of the different sizes.  It made finding the correct directions for your specific size super easy.  Even for me!  Sometimes i need all the help I can get.

If the super cute sets were not enough Kristi also added General Instructions at the end of the book ie. abbreviations, symbols, terms, yarn weight chart, hook chart and how to complete specific stitches!  WOW!  I think this is the most in-depth crochet book I have ever used!

So I would suggest this book to anyone looking to create some cute hat and boot sets for a special little one in their life.  So easy to understand and follow.  Do you have a special little one in your life or one that is coming soon then you need this book by Leisure Arts.

Well now I’m off to my create my next project and I’m thinking it’s going to be the High-Top Moccasins & Hat set.  However, knowing myself I will probably create this little set using huummmmmmm…..well let me think…..I know I got it!!!!

What about this color combo?  LOVE IT!  I’m thinking dark brown for the base with blue and orange for accent colors and black ties…that’s it I’m ready better go buy some more yarn!!!  He HE like I need an excuse to buy more yarn.  SSShhhhhh…don’t tell the mister.

Let me know if you get one of these books and what your thoughts are!

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