Old World Christmas Baubles Crochet Pattern

Hello crochet lovers!

Today I am sharing my crochet pattern for Old World Christmas Baubles!

These “Old World Christmas Ornaments” are strikingly beautiful and would dress up any Christmas tree. They are created using basic crochet stitches that make creating these ornaments fast and easy!
You can make some for your own tree, for a family member or for gift giving too! In addition the pattern is a basic level pattern which is perfect for either the beginner or the advanced crocheter. If you run into trouble make sure you check out these CROCHET TUTORIALS for easy learning.

Old World Christmas Baubles Crochet Pattern

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I know I’m a bit early for Christmas as the first day of fall was on September 20th. However, this is the beginning of the busy season whether you are a DYI crafter or a small business owner like myself.

You can easily whip up quite a few of these Old World Christmas Baubles in a couple of hours!


You will find the free pattern below however if you would like to purchase a AD-free printable PDF I would appreciate your support as this is how I continue to bring more crochet goodness to you.

Supplies that you will need are one skein of Hobby Lobby I Love This Yarn in Ivory color-way (size 4 medium weight yarn), 1 ball Berlini Memento ribbon in Fall Herbs, E/4-3.50 mm hook, yarn needle, scissors and 2.5″ plastic ball ornament and wooden bead (if adding tassel).

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***Onto the pattern***

Basic Level Project

In US term


2 1/2” across x 2 1/2” tall
11” around


Main color 1 skein Hobby Lobby I Love This Yarn in Ivory #20 (100% acrylic, 7 oz/199 g, 355 yds/325 m)

Contrast color 1 ball Berlini Memento ribbon in Fall Herbs #113 (100% nylon, 1.75 oz/ 50 g, 88 yds/ 80 m)

E/4-3.50 mm hook MY FAVORITE HOO

Yarn needle


2 1/2” plastic ball ornament

Wooden bead


17 stitches x 8 rows = 4” in double crochet


dc-double crochet
sl st-slip stitch
sc-single crochet
beg CL-beginning cluster

Special stitches:

beg CL-ch 3, 2 dc in same space

CL-3 dc in same space

Color Legend:

CC-Fall Herbs


Chain 3 at the beginning of rounds do count as a double crochet

Chain 1 at the beginning of round do not count as a single crochet

Crochet over tails as you work to save on weaving in ends.

Instructions (make 2 leaving one half with a 18” tail for joining)

Rnd1: Ch 4, 11 dc in 4th ch from hook, sl st to ch 3, fasten off. m as right side, see image A-1. 12 dc

Rnd 2: sl st to join in any dc, ch 1, 2 sc in same sp, *2 sc in next st, rep from * around, sl st to sc, fasten off, see image A-2. 24 sc

Rnd 3: sl st to join in sc, beg CL, sk 1 st, *CL in next st, sk 1 st, rep from * around, sl st to ch-3, fasten off, see image A-3. 12 CL

Rnd 4: sl st to join in between any dc CL, beg CL, CL in every sp around, sl st to ch-3, fasten off, see image A-4.

Rnd 5: rep rnd 4, fasten off, see image A-5 (crocheted piece is cupping at this point)


Weave in any ends left with exception of the 18” tail.

Thread 18” tail onto yarn needle.

With wrong sides facing ball, hold both halves onto ball with 18” tail next to the top of the ornament, insert needle under back loop of each half and pull thru, see image A-6.

Repeat around in every stitch, see image A-7.

When you reach the other side of the top of the ornament adjust opening to fit snuggly around stem of plastic ornament, see image A-8 & A-9.

Fasten off with a knot, weave in end place hanger back on ornament.

Finishing with tassel:

Cut two pieces of 12 “ of yarn.

Wrap yarn around 6” wide ruler or book, see image A-10.

Thread needle with one piece of 12” yarn and insert under wrapped yarn, see image A-11.

Tie in double knot to secure, see image A-12.

Cut yarn on opposite side of double knot, see image A-13.

Thread needle with other piece of 12” yarn and wrap around pieces of yarn, see image A-14.

Run tail up thru the center of tassel, cut end close to tassel, see image A-15.

Trim bottom of tassel evenly.

Thread tail ends thru bead.

Thread one tail at a time and attach to bottom of ornament and double knot the tails together, see image A-16.
Your “Old World Christmas Baubles” are now ready to hang!



So there’s the Old World Christmas Baubles pattern! If you create some make sure you tag and then follow me on social media!

I have tons of images of beautiful Christmas baubles in my head from traditional like these to new color combos like black, gray, brown, pink, purple or whatever your Christmas color combo is to make your holidays perfect!

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I hope you crate lots of Old World Christmas Baubles!

Happy Crocheting


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