New Creation for Fall! Fashion Scarf “Hot Cocoa”


How are you doing tonight?  I’m watching the DNC tonight and watched the RNC last week.  All I can say is WHEW!!!  It’s definitely a race to the White House.  It’s going to be a LOOOONNNGGGGGGGGGG fall/winter!!!  We all know that all sides have good and bad…just like ALL humans are good and bad.  Whether people know about it or if it is a long time secret.  We all have good and bad in us.  I wish I could say that I have never done anything bad but alas, if I did I probably would be struck by lightning and who knows what else.  Boy is it tense at my house…My husband likes Hillary, my brother likes Trump, my daughter likes Bernie and as for me I NOT SURE who I like.  I like things about all of them.  Well now we don’t have to think about Bernie I guess.  Last election year I deleted an acquaintance because of what he said on Facebook…can I delete family?  OOPS there I go again being bad…smack my hand or would that be abuse???  Well I guess we will all know in November what the outcome will be if we make it that long.  HeHe…bad again!!!  As one of my Best friend’s 5-year-old daughter said “Can’t we all just get along?” From the mouths of babes as they say.  Just go vote!!!

Well on to other things.  I have been keeping busy crocheting items to put in my Etsy shop as normal.   Go check it out!                                                                                                              I have been focusing on things like scarfs and wraps which I love to create.  I’m going to try my hand at knee-high socks in funky colors!  What do you think????  Let me know in comments.   As you can tell I love eyelash, ladder, butterfly and other unique yarns to create my fashion items.  I guess I have always liked what is different and unique. When I was younger I was a hair stylist and was into everything weird or different.  When I was in cosmetology school to learn hair design that was the beginning of colored hair.  No I don’t mean brown, blonde or black…I mean funky awesome colors.  I colored my hair for the first time in 1981.  I chose the color “Wine Red”  which was really out there for the era and the fact that I lived in Illinois.  Not Chicago or St.Louis either I mean central where the corn and beans grow.  Oh did I tell you, I also was one of the 1st people in the area to get Rod Stewart hair cut!!!  Like I said I like different.  I then went onto Purple hair, blue hair and now I just BORING!  I have just highlights and lowlights in brown, red and blonde coloring.  Still different for a 53-year-old women.

Hey did I tell you my daughter, Chase, has started a beauty blog!!!  I am so proud of her!!!  She is also joining to college to be a nurse anddddddd working a full-time job!!!  All of that energy!!!  Check out her blog

I am all over the place tonight!!!  I must have had too much coffee today.  Onto my New Creation “Hot Cocoa Scarf.”  I just finished this one today its taking me longer to complete any project because I keep adding to my plate.  I get bored sometimes or is it that I have new ideas of what I want to crochet next.  I had projects going at once this week so far!!!  Now I only have 2 going on now.  Any way the yarn I used to make this one is sooooo soft it’s amazing.  I have used other colors in this brand of yarn also.  Well that did not make this scarf different in any way so my passion for the different and unique brought me to think it needed some bling!


Soooo I added aqua colored beads and fringe.  LOVE fringe!!!  the beads are the most beautiful color shades of aqua.  As you can tell from my branding color palette my go to color is aqua…WOW I just realized that.  Now I have to go and count how many projects I have done with aqua.   I used I beads I bought at Hobby Lobby.

Collection: In Bloom                                                                                                                                                                       Brand: Bead Design Co


Hope you enjoyed me rambling on…HeHe

Chrissy <3


I am a wife, mother and grandma all rolled into one women's body. I have a PASSION for creating through Crochet with LOVE!!!!

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