It's A Wrap Poncho Crochet Pattern

It’s A Wrap Poncho Crochet Pattern

Good sunny Saturday fellow crochet lovers! I have finally finished my “It’s A Wrap” Poncho crochet pattern and boy does it remind me of Fall Time.

It’s A Wrap Poncho

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The stitch pattern is a two row repeat. So it makes this pattern super easy to complete in a hurry. The two stitches used in the body of the poncho are regular double crochet and wrap double crochet…hence the name “It’s A Wrap” poncho. After you create the body of the poncho you then add the trim to the neckline.

***How easy is that***

With Autumn right around the corner I sure could use a beautiful poncho myself. Another key point the poncho in the images was created using a beautiful variegated yarn from Red Heart called Roll With It Melange’. In addition the color-way I used is “Curtain Call”. Basically which is a blend of rich jewel tones in purple, pink, green, blue, orange and yellow. As a result the color reminds me of fall colored leaves in the Appalachian mountain range. Of course you can use any color-way you like to even creating one in a solid color.

In addition the sizing goes on this pattern it is one size fits most. However you can adjust size by adding or subtracting the two row repeat pattern. Further more just make sure you have the same number of rows on each side of poncho. Equally important make sure if you check the size as you go by measuring from your arm across your body to other arm. It’s important to realize adding one-two row repeat pattern to each side of poncho will add 3″ to total width of poncho. Overall the same thing goes for the neckline trim. Secondly if you want a smaller neckline hole just add a couple more rows with the decreases at each corner.

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***Onto The It’s A Wrap Poncho Pattern***


Width 42”
Length 25” (shoulder to hem)

Project Level


Pattern in US terms


J/10-6.00 mm hook MY FAVORITE HOOK

Approximately 1471 yds of Red Heart Roll With It Melange yarn in color way Curtain Call (100% acrylic, 5.29 oz/150g, 389 yds/356 m). However, you can use any size 4 med weight yarn that you choose

Stitch markers, scissors and yarn needle


12 dc x 6 rows = 4”


alt: alternate
BPdc: back post double crochet
ch: chain
dc: double crochet
dec: decrease
FDC: foundation double crochet
FPdc: front post double crochet
rep: repeat
sc: single crochet
sk-: skip
sl st: slip stitch
sp: space
WDC: wrap double crochet
yo: yarn over


Poncho worked in rows from bottom edge to neckline to opposite bottom edge

Chains at beginning of rows count as a double crochet

2 row repeat pattern

[] work instructions within brackets as many times as directed

() special notes/instructions and row total counts within parentheses

Special stitches

Decrease-hdc 2togo

Foundation Double Crochet-ch 3 {counts as FDC}, yo, insert hook into 3rd chain from the hook,yo, pull up loop, yo, pull up loop {just made your foundation chain & have 3 loops left on hook}, now work dc by yo, pull thru 2 loops, yo, pull thru last 2 loops {1 FDC made}

Make next FDC by yo, insert hook under 2 loops of chain just made {at the bottom of work}, pull up loop, yo, pull up loop {now have 3 loops on hook}, yo, pull thru 2 loops, yo, pull thru last 2 loops {2nd FDC made}

Wrapped Double Crochet-work dc in 2 designated stitches, yo, insert hook from front at arrow to behind 2 dc just made see image A-1, yo, pull up loop, yo, pull thru 2 loops, yo, pull thru last 2 loops, {completed WDC counts as 3 dc in pattern}


Front Post/Back Post Half Double Crochet-FPhdc insert hook from front to back to front around leg of dc on previous row work hdc, BPhdc insert hook from back to front to back around leg of dc on previous row work hdc


Side 1 of Poncho

Row 1: 152 FDC {ch 3 at beg counts as FDC}, mark as right side, turn {152 dc}

Row 2: ch 3, *wdc in next 2 dc, sk 1 dc, rep from * across, work dc in last dc, turn {50 wdc, 2 dc}

Row 3: ch 3, dc in every dc across, turn {152 dc}

Row 4-33: [rep rows 2 & 3] 15 times

Neckline of Poncho

Row 34: ch 1, sc in same sp as ch 1, sc in next 54 dc, ch 42 loosely, sk 42 dc, sc in next 55 dc, turn {152 sc}

Side 2 of Poncho

Row 35: ch 3, dc in next 54 sc, dc in back bump next 42 ch, dc in next 55 sc, turn {152 dc}

Row 36-67 : [rep rows 2 & 3] 16 times, fasten off

Poncho Edging/border

With right side facing you
sl st to any corner st, ch 1, 3 sc in same sp as ch 1, sc in every dc across, 3 sc in next corner st, sc evenly across {I worked 3 sc at the end of the dc rows & 1 dc at the end of the neckline row}. Work 3 sc in next corner st, sc in every dc across. Work 3 sc in next corner st, sc evenly across like the other side, sl st beg sc, fasten off

Neckline Trim {worked in the round}

Rnd 1: sl st to 2nd dc at inside corner of neckline edge see image A-2


ch 2 {counts as hdc}, hdc in next 50 dc to the other corner of neckline, work 1 dec at arrows at the corner, see image A-3


hdc in next 50 dc to corner of neckline, work 1 dec at corner, sl st to beg ch 2 {100 hdc, 2 dec}

Rnd 2: ch 2, FPhdc in first hdc, *BPhdc in next hdc, FPhdc in next hdc, rep from * to corner, dec at corner, **FPhdc in next hdc, BPhdc in next hdc, rep from ** across to corner, dec at corner, sl st to beg ch 2 {48 FPhdc, 48 BPhdc, 2 dec}

Rnd 3: ch 2, *FPhdc in FPhdc, BPhdc in BPhdc across to corner, dec at corner, **FPhdc in fphdc, bphdc in bphdc, rep from ** across to corner, dec at corner, sl st to beg ch 2 {46 fphdc, 46 bphdc, 2 dec}

Rnd 4-5: rep rnd 3 {44 fphdc, 44 bphdc, 2 dec/42 fphdc, 42 bphdc, 2 dec}

Rnd 6: ch 1, sc in every st around, sl st to beg sc {86 sc}
Fasten Off & Weave in all ends

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Happy Crocheting!

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