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How To Make Fringe

Today I am sharing one of my passions which is how to make fringe.  I can be intimidating for some but it is really is an easy process after you do it a few times.   The fun part of using fringe is you can get a multiple looks from the basic look to a super wild look.  I myself love the both looks just depends on what look I’m going for.  


There are so many different types of yarn you can incorporate into the look you are going after the possibilities are endless.  So imagine the look that incorporates fun fur or eyelash which I totally adore.  Check out this example with eyelash and ladder yarn both incorporated into this work.  Super cute!

Lets not forget the basic fringe which we all love!  Check out this example below.  For this example I used quite a bit of yarn for this poncho and spaced it out so there was not much space between each section.  So the appearance of the fringe is more full.

If you would like to try out this poncho pattern check it out HERE

Now lets look at another example of what I call barely there fringe which I think looks really cool too.  Check out this

So now since you have seen a few examples of the different looks  you can create lets get to creating some now.

First lets gather some supplies.  You will need a  6″ wide craft ruler or a book to wrap your yarn around.  Next you also need scissors, crochet hook (I suggest a size K/10.5-6.5 mm) and the yarn of choice.

Step 1.

Wrap the yarn around ruler or book 20 times (this gives you 4 sets of fringe with 5 pieces of yarn in each set).  This amount can always be adjusted depending on weight or type of yarn being used in project.

Step 2.

While holding one side of yarn cut other side of yarn.

Step 3.

Place yarn over finger with both ends pulled even.

Step 4.

Insert hook from back side to front side of project.

Step 5.

Place fold side of yarn onto hook.

Step 6.

Pull yarn through project a bit to form a loop.

Step 7.

Wrap tails of yarn over hook, pull tails through loop.

Step 8.

Pull tails to tighten.

Continue to attach fringe at desired intervals. 




So now that you know how to make fringe you can add it to any project you like.  Therefore, you can add it to ponchos, jackets, scarves, gloves,  pants.  In addition you can even add it to home decor items like pillows, wall hangings or throws.  Really the possibilities a truly endless.  So let your imagination run wild, put on your boho vibe and get your fringey on. 

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Happy Crocheting!


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