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How To Do Wrap Double Crochet Stitch

Good morning crochet lovers!  Today I am sharing my tutorial on how to do  wrap double crochet stitch.  The wrap double crochet stitch is an easy stitch to create.  For this tutorial you must have knowledge on how to do double crochet stitch.  So here is a DOUBLE CROCHET TUTORIAL if you need to brush up on how to do this basic stitch.

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Onto the wrap double crochet stitch.  This unique stitch is created using three double crochets.  When counting stitches across your work this stitch does count as three double crochets. It is a very versatile stitch, which you can use in a multiple ways.

The wrap double crochet abbreviation I use in my patterns is wdc.

This tutorial uses the wdc stitch on every row for practice.  However you could alternate rows of wdc with rows of ie. sc, hdc, dc or even tr.  Your possibilities are endless!

The wdc gives a lacy appearance that is more solid of a fabric then the regular double crochet + chain 1 stitch pattern.  So once you have mastered this stitch get creative with combining with different stitches.

Now grab your favorite hook and yarn and lets get started!  My FAVORITES come from Furls Crochet.  I can not say enough good things about their products, time frame for delivery and customer service.  





Start your swatch by chaining 23 (any multiple of 3 + 5)

Double crochet in the fifth chain from hook

First double crochet made

Double crochet in next chain

Double crochet around last 2 double crochet made, insert hook at arrow and work double crochet behind/around the 2 double crochets 

First wrap double crochet made

Skip 1 chain, wdc over next 2 chains

Repeat across to last 2 chains

Skip 1 chain, double crochet in last chain

Chain 3, turn

Skip 1 stitch, wdc over next 2 stitches

Repeat across to last stitch, double crochet in last stitch, chain 3, turn

Keep repeating the process until you have confidence in your ability to complete this stitch.


I love this stitch and have used it in many of my patterns due to the fact that it is an unique stitch.  Let me know your thoughts on this stitch and share any projects you have created using this stitch.

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Happy crocheting!


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