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How To Do Front Post/Back Post Crochet

Ever wonder how to do the front post/back post crochet stitch???  Well today you are going to learn just how easy these stitches are.  I think they are super unique looking and they add lots of texture too.  I love using them combined in my patterns that need ribbing because it is super stretchy when you crochet alternating front and back post stitches. 

So this tutorial can be used with, single crochet. double crochet as well as treble crochet.  The basics of this stitch is that you create it around designated stitch instead of in the top of the stitch as usual.  Meaning you crochet the half double crochet around the leg of the stitch on previous row.  The fphdc is worked from front to back to front and bphdc is worked from back to front to back.  The abbreviation for front post half double crochet is FPhdc.  The abbreviation for back post half double crochet is BPhdc.  If you need more help with crochet abbreviations check out this POST

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So lets move onto the FPhdc and BPhdc tutorial. So if you need help on how to create the hdc stitch check out this  POST

Front Post Half Double Crochet Tutorial

Step 1

Grab your yarn and hook here’s my * FAVORITE NEW HOOK

Chain 11 or any odd number you feel is a good practice session for yourself (reference image A-1)


Step 2

Half double crochet in 3rd chain from the hook, half double crochet in every chain across (reference image A-2 & A-3)




Step 3

Chain 2, turn work, hdc around leg of next hdc {yo, insert hook from front to behind leg of hdc, out the other side of leg to front} (reference image A-4)


Step 4

Yo, pull yarn thru, leaving 3 loops on hook (reference image A-5 & A-6)



Step 5

Yo, pull thru all 3 loops on hook (reference image A-7)


Repeat steps for front post hdc across in each hdc for practice.


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Back Post Half Double Crochet Tutorial

This stitch is worked the same as the front post hdc with exception you will work your hdc around leg of hdc on previous row from back to front to back. 

Step 1

Repeat steps 1-2 of fphdc

Step 3

Chain 2, turn work, hdc around leg of next dc {yo, insert hook from back to in front leg of hdc, out the other side of leg to back} (reference image A-8)


Step 4

Repeat steps 4-5 of fphdc


Now that you have completed both the fphdc and bphdc now play with how to combine this 2 stitches.  One of my favorite is 1 fphdc, 1 bphdc makes the perfect ribbing as I mentioned before.  Also you can mix up things and do 1 fphdc, 3 bphdc, 1 fphdc for another unique ribbing pattern.

Let me know your thoughts or if you have questions.

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Happy Crocheting!


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