Beginner Fingerless Gloves Crochet Pattern

Today I am sharing my most recent free pattern for beginner fingerless gloves.  My biggest fan of these gloves is my daughter.  So this is one of the easiest patterns  available.  The first gloves I made were short basic ones.  Therefore, you all know me by now…I must have Bling!!!  I started experimenting with adding flowers and embroidery.  You can use different texture yarns to add visual and touch texture to your gloves.

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If you would like to check out another free pattern for gloves here’s my newest  Woodlander Fingerless Gloves 



I/9 5.50 mm



Hobby Lobby “Yarn Bee Soft Secret” 4-medium weight (100% acrylic, 6 oz/170 gms, 300 yds, 275 m) 

Hobby Lobby “Homespun” 5-bulky weight (88% acrylic, 12% polyester, 6 oz/170 gms, 185 yds, 169 m)


Yarn needle


sl st:  slip stitch

sc:  single crochet

ch:  chain

sp:  space

st:  stitch

beg:  beginning

rep:  repeat

rnd:  round


Pattern is worked in the round

Glove body is created using the Soft Secret yarn

Trim is created using the Homespun yarn


ch 24, sl st to beg ch without twisting to join in the round 

Rnd 1:  ch 1, sc in same ch as ch 1, sc in every ch around, sl st to beg sc (24 sc

Rnd 2-9:  Rep  rnd 1 (24 sc)

Rnd 10:  This row is when you will add thumb hole follow the instructions below for each hand by following instructions for each glove

*Affilliate YARN BOWLS

Right Hand:

ch  1,  sc in same sc as ch 1, sc in next sc, ch 4, skip 4 sc, sc in every sc around, continue to rnd 11(20 sc, 4 ch)

Left hand:

ch 1,  sc in same sc as ch 1, sc in next 17 sc, ch 4, skip 4, sc in last 2 sc, continue to rnd 11 (20 sc, 4 ch)

Rnd 11-16: rep rnd 1, fasten off (24 sc)


Rnd 1:  sl st into same sp where you fastened off main color, ch 1, sc in same sp as ch 1, sc in every sc around (24 sc)

Rnd 2-3:  rep rnd 1, fasten off, weave in ends, (24 sc)


You can add flowers, button, pearls, or whatever type of extras you would like.  In addition you can just leave your gloves basic design.

Please as always I hope you enjoy this pattern!  So do not forget to Pin this pattern for future use.

Let me know what you think

Chrissy <3

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