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How To Create Fair Isle Mitts With Crochet

  Disclosure:  Leisure Arts has asked that I review the crochet book titled “Fair Isle Mittens.”  All comments and opinions are my own.  I do not receive compensation for this review.   If you purchase through an affiliate link, I receive a small percentage from that sale at no extra cost to you.  Affilliate links identified by *.  This helps support “OffTheHookByChrissy” to keep the fun coming and I truly appreciate any support.


Fair Isle Mittens - Beautiful Designs Including Super Comfy Linings

I am so happy to share my recent experience with this crochet book,  in addition I got caught up in the Christmas rush of a handmade business!   I would have loved creating some of these mittens for friends and family members.   


  • Patterns created by Lori Adams
  • Book has total of 64 in color pages
  • Patterns included:  Argyle, Diamonds, Fish Skeleton, Hearts, Houndstooth, Hugs & Kisses, Plaid, Simple Dots, Snowflakes, Stars & Stripes
  • Yarn/Gauge/Hook Chart included for ease in creating just the right size From Child/small to Men’s/ X-Large sizes (all sizes are made using the same instructions; the different sizes are obtained by using different hook sizes and weights of yarns
  • Lori includes 2 different styles of linings that can be used for any of the gloves types or none if you choose (Lumpy & Bumpy or Smooth)

  • One of the BEST things about this book is you learn a New crochet stitch which looks like knit stitch!  Who ever thought you could crochet, and it would turn out looking just like a knitted item?  The stitch is the Split Single Crochet.  Say WHOOOOOO!!!! Check out this image to see close up how this stitch looks! You could use this stitch when you want  to have the knit look! I feel like this is a super idea!

  • In the yarn information page, she gives the break downs of yarns brand/type for each pictured pair of mittens.  You can create your mittens just like the ones in the pictures or you can choose your own color combos.  Just remember to reference the Yarn/Gauge/Hook Chart
  • General instructions for abbreviations, symbols/terms and gauge
  • Tutorial included on special stitches or technique

This book has 11 chart patterns with 5 types of mittens and 2 types of linings.  So many options to  choose from when planning which mittens to create.  The options are endless.  If you are a new to crocheting I would suggest creating a pair of mitts in one color with no fair isle pattern to become familiar with creating the mitts without the added technique of Fair Isle patterns.

There is tons of information in the book.  If you do decide to purchase a book feel free to comment below and share your pictures of your finished projects. You can purchase a digital download  for $9.99 or a paperback book $14.99. The Hugs & Kisses Mitts would be the perfect as a Valentine’s Day Gift!


Fair Isle Mittens - Beautiful Designs Including Super Comfy Linings



This book has great of information, therefore I will be creating some more Fair Isle Items.   If you love color work  check out this crochet book.  This book has patterns for hats, scarves, shawls and pillows.

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Fair Isle Crochet Projects - 8 Traditional Project,

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