Newborn Cloche hat

How To Create a Super Cute and Easy Crocheted Newborn Cloche Hat


Hope all is well with everyone.  Have I told you lately I’m going to be a GRANDMA again in October!!!


Okay now that I’ve got that out of my system until next time let’s get down to business.

I have created another pattern just for you!  It is a Newborn Cloche Hat pattern or better known as Flapper Hat.  That is if you are old enough to know what a flapper hat is.  LOL  I think I just called myself old.

Newborn Cloche Hat
crochet pattern Newborn Cloche Hat

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Emmm…well I seen some cute patterns out there on the web but none quite like this one.  It has a variety of easy stitches that I would consider this pattern easy level.  If you do happen to have problems or questions with it please reach out to me asap.

The yarn I used was Hobby Lobby “Baby Bee Sweet Delight Yarn” 3-weight yarn.  I used one size hook size I/9 which was not what the yarn called for.  It calls for G/6 so as we all know my stitching is looser then if I would have used the G/6.  So if you do decide to make this hat with the hook that is called  on the yarn label then make sure you make stitch count adjustment to ensure your hat measures 12″ circumference & 6″ from crown to brim.

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This hat incorporates the v-stitch using 1/2 dc, knit stitch/camel stitch and the brim has traditional shells to add that little girl cutie pie effect.  I came up with pattern creating newborn items for my grand-baby Skylar Grace coming in October.  Is it October yet???  Oh my gosh I really don’t know if I can wait!  I have created quite a few different ways to finish this hat off.   The first way by using a GREAT PATTERN for a big beautiful flower  I found via Pinterest from Daisy Cottages by Lauren.  You can find the link to this flower pattern below.

The other ways I finished off was to weave ribbon through and tie a bow and added a cute button to the center of the flower.  All of your great creativeness I am sure you can probably come with some other great ideas for these hats.

So far I have made my grand-baby Skylar 6 of Newborn Cloche Hats!!!  I know I’m crazy in LOVE already.  Currently I am working on another pattern as I type in-between making all of my Skylar stuff!  If you like this little pattern for Newborn Cloche Hat then check out my other pattern for a colorful Clochet Hat pattern

Crib mobiles, blankets, sweaters,  booties, socks, sandals, scratch mitts and animals!!! Oh my!!!  I better hurry I only have until October to get finished up.

See below for free pattern and  let me know what you think!


Chrissy 🙂

Newborn Cloche Hat Pattern


Hook I/9 5.50 mm
Yarn 1 skein Hobby Lobby “Baby Bee Sweet Delight”


Row 1: Ch 3, 8 HDC in first ch, SLST to ch 2 (8 ST)

Row 2: Ch 2, HDC in same ST as ch 2, 2 HDC in every ST around, SLST to CH 2 (16 ST)

Row 3: Ch 2, HDC in same ST as CH 2, HDC in next ST, *2 HDC in next ST, 1HDC in next ST**, repeat from around, SLST to ch 2 (24 ST)

Row 4: Ch 2, HDC in same ST as CH 2, HDC In next 2 S, *2 HDC in next ST,HDC in next 2ST**, repeat around, SLST to CH 2 (32 ST)

Row 5: Ch 2, HDC in same ST as CH 2, HDC In next 3 ST, *2 HDCin next ST, HDC in next 3 ST**, repeat from around, SLST to CH 2 (40 ST)

Row 6:  CH 2,HDC in same ST as CH 2, skip 1 ST, *2 HDC in nextST (v-st made)**, skip 1 sp, work 2 HDC n next ST**, repeat around, SLST to CH 2 (20 V-ST)

Row 7:  CH 2, HDC in same ST asCH 2, *2 HDC in space of v-stitch, repeat around,SLST to CH 2 (20 V-ST)

Row 8-10:  repeat row 6 (20 V-ST)

Row 11:  CH 2, HDC  in same ST as ch 2, HDC in every ST around, SLST to CH 2 (40 ST)

Row 12:  CH 2, HDC in same ST as CH 2 but work through 3rd loop on back of the stitch (camel stitch/knit stitch), work HDC in every 3rd loop around ,SLST to CH 2 in 3rd loop (40 st)

Row 13:  repeat row 12 (40 ST)

Row 14: CH 1, SC in same ST as CH 1, SC in every ST around, SLST to ch 1 (40 ST)

Row 15:  Ch 1,SC in same ST as CH 1, skip 1ST, 5 HDC In next ST skip 1ST, *SC in next ST, skip 1 ST, 5 HDC in next ST**, repeat around, Tie off and weave in e

If you don’t want to add a flower you could leave it as is or add some ribbon in coordinating color weaving around row 13 of 1/2 dc crochet. 


Chrissy 🙂

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  • Judy Rowe

    Dear Chrissy,
    Thank you so much for your hat patterns. I made both the Dunbar and the Cloche. I used white cotton for the Sunhat and made various color flowers with pins so they could be changed to match different outfits. The Cloche I just love, the new mother to be loved pink and grey but I couldn’t find a pattern that wouldn’t look to plush in grey. This was perfect! Wth a pink ribbon it looks beautiful. Again, thank you my crochet sister!

    • OffTheHookByChrissy


      I am so pleased you like my patterns! I would love to see pics when you have time. Love the idea of changing flower colors to match outfits! Be sure to subscribe to my newsletter or follow my blog to get updates on new patterns .

      Thank you so much!
      Chrissy 😃

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