Fallen Leaves Poncho Crochet Pattern

Today I am sharing my NEW pattern for Fallen Leaves Poncho.  So who doesn’t love fall outer wear.  This pattern is an easy level pattern with both written and image tutorials.  In addition I used Hobby Lobby I Love This Yarn for this poncho as I love the colors available, however you can use any size 4-med weight yarn.  Also I used approximately  756 yards of yarn total including fringe.  Also you will also need a I/9 hook, scissors and yarn needle.  I love the lace look of this poncho as well as it has that Bohemian vibe too!  This gives you the best of both worlds if you ask me.  The pattern is a 7 row repeat so it is easy to memorize for ease of creating.  So check out the pattern below.

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Fallen Leaves Poncho

One size fits most.   However, if needed use one size down hook  to create smaller poncho or use one size up to create a larger poncho.   

Supplies needed:

2 skeins I Love This Yarn Ivory 
1 skein I Love This Yarn Orange Burst
Size 4-Medium weight (100% acrylic, 5 oz/142 g, 252 yd/230 m)
Hook size I/9-5.50 m


sl st:  slip stitch
ch:  chain
sc:  single crochet
hdc:  half double crochet
sh:  shell
beg sh:  beginning shell
rep:  repeat
sk:  skip
sp:  space

Special Stitches:

Beginning shell
Ch 2, 2 hdc in same sp as ch 2

5 hdc in same stitch as designated


Poncho is worked in rows with the exception of the neck which is worked in the round.

Repeat instruction as many times as noted in the []
Repeat instructions from * across


Ch 56
Row 1:  sc in 2nd ch from hook, sc in every ch across , turn (55 sc) mark as right side

Row 2:  ch 3 {counts as hdc & 1 ch}, sk 1 sc, *hdc in next sc, ch 1, sk 1 sc, hdc in next sc, rep from * across, turn (28 hdc, 27 ch-1 sp)

Row 3:  ch 1, sc in same sp as ch 1, *sc in ch-1 sp, sc in next hdc,  rep from* across, {last sc will be worked in the top of ch 2}, turn (55 sc)

Row 4:  ch 1, sc in same sp as ch 1, *sk 2 sc, shell in next sc, sk 2 sc, sc in next sc, rep from * across (45 hdc, 10 sc)

Row 5:  beg shell in 1st sc, *sk 2 st, sc in middle hdc of next shell, sk 2 st,  shell in next sc, sk 2 st, sc in middle hdc of shell, rep from * across {3 hdc in last sc}, turn (46 hdc, 9 sc)

Row 6:  ch 1, sc in same sp as ch 1, *ch 2, sk 2 st, hdc in next sc, ch 2, sk 2 st, sc in middle hdc of next sh, turn (10 sc, 9 hdc, 36 ch)

Row 7:  ch 1, sc in same sp as ch 1, *2 sc in ch-2 sp, sc in next hdc, 2 sc in next ch-2 sp, sc in next sc, rep from * across, turn (55 sc)

Row 8:  ch 1 sc in same sp as ch 1, sc in every sc across (55 sc)

Continue on with 7 row repeat pattern, [Rep rows 2-8] 17 times

Finishing Poncho 

Now you have a rectangular shaped crocheted piece.

4’2” wide x 17” height

Step 1:

Lay poncho right side down (reference image A-1)


Step 2: 

Fold left side over to bottom point in middle (reference image A-2)


Step 3: 

Fold right side over as image to meet left side (reference image A-3)


Step 4:

With the wrong sides facing each other now
Sc the front edge to join the sides together in seam from bottom to edge of neckline evenly (reference image A-4)


Here is completed seam (reference image A-5)


Now you will crochet the neck in the round

Rnd 1:  Starting where you left off with the single crochet of the seam.  Sc around neck edge evenly to front point, sl st to 1 st sc

Rnd 2:  Ch 2, hdc in same sp as ch 2{ch 2 does not count as stitch},  hdc in every space around, work 8 decreases spaced evenly around {approximately every 10th sc}, sl st to 1st hdc

Rnd 3: Ch 2, hdc in same sp as ch 2, hdc in every space around, working decreases in every decrease of previous round

Rnd 4:  rep rnd 3

Fasten off and weave in end


I used 5 pieces of 10 inch yarn for each fringe knot.  I made each fringe knot approximately every other single crochet spacing apart.  You can use more or less fringe as you like.

Step 1:

Lay 5 pieces of yarn over index finger (reference image A-6)


Step 2:  

Insert hook from back to front side (reference image A-7)


Step 3:

Place yarn loop onto hook (reference image A-8)


Step 4:

Pull loop thru a little bit (reference image A-9)


Step 5:

Wrap tails of yarn over hook (reference image A-10)


Step 6:

Pull tails thru loop on hook, fringe complete (reference image A-11)



If you love easy patterns for fall wear check out this link below.  This DOWNLOADABLE PRODUCT has 6 different over-sized sweaters that are great for fall/winter seasons.  My favorite is the striped hooded sweater!  What is your favorite?

As always I hope you find this crochet pattern for Fallen Leaves Poncho fun to create!  

I am now working on a gray version of this pattern.  Still have not made up my mind of what colors to use for fringe.
So if you are new to crochet and need help check out my tutorials on BASIC CROCHET STITCHES
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Happy crocheting!
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