Ebb and Flow the Nature of Owning a Etsy Shop & Blog

Ebb & Flow

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Ebb and flow is a reference to the receding and rising of the ocean tides caused by the gravitational pull of the moon. The ebb tide is the low tide when the water runs out to sea away from the beaches. The high tide is also referred to as the flood tide when the water flows back toward the beach.

The tides are a gentle ebb and flow in nature, the phrase ebb and flow is used to described similar circumstances in life. For example, over long periods, relationships and marriages ebb and flow from periods of intense happiness to lows of sorrow. If these changes in circumstances occur more rapidly, they would be referred to as a “roller coaster ride” because the ups and downs would be more frequent and violent. Ebb and flow is intended to describe more gentle, natural changes in things that have high points and low points.


Today I am feeling the Blues!!!  What do I mean by that, you ask?  Well July is a wonderful and not so wonderful month for me. You see this month of summer wonder brings me both happiness and sorrow.  It’s very simple to explain.

You see I was born on July 5, 1963 so every year I   celebrate my birthday no matter how old I am.  Every year just flies by and some days I wonder if it will be my last.  So I just turned 53 a week ago.  My mind still feels and acts like a 20 something but my body sometimes feels like it’s on its last leg.  I am just now at 53 found out that my PASSION is crocheting and creating special items for others.  I can’t believe it took me that long.  I guess I’m a slow starter.  Or am I????

Anyway I started my Etsy business and Blog “OffTheHookByChrissy” in April of 2016.  I have been on this journey for just a few months now.  It has definitely been an up and down, forward and back, ebb and flow to this whole process.

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It all started one day in February when my daughter, Chase, said to me.  “Mom why don’t you start an Etsy Shop with your crocheted items and see how it does!!!  I asked her what it Etsy????  Boy I can’t believe I was that far out of the loop on such things!!!  So I started to investigate what this Etsy thing was.  Boy did I feel like a dope!!!  It is a wonderful outlet of handmade crafts & vintage items market.  I was amazed at all of the items sold on Etsy.  From handmade scarves, handmade clocks,   to supplies you need for your craft.  I look every day to see what is out there.  I do have some ideas about what I want to buy for Christmas already!!!

When I 1st started Etsy my daughter helped me put all of the items I had made (20 items) in my shop.  She even modeled for my images!!!  What a GREAT sport though as her mother I think she is the most Beautiful lady alive!!!  If you want to see her pic go to my shop to see.  I can’t believe I called her a lady as I still think of her as my baby.  Well I now have 50 items for sale and are adding new items every day.  I’m a “Crocheting, Blogging Fool” these days.

Just when I was getting the hang of Etsy my daughter, Chase, said why don’t you write a blog Mom.  I said what’s a blog???  Sound familiar???  Well, boy have I had a lesson now!!!  I thought Etsy was difficult enough but I had no idea just yet how bad it could be.  (Laughs out Loud)

I started this blog with my 1st post on April 21st.  The top 10 things I have learned from this experience ARE:

  1. Investigate Etsy or whatever online shop you are looking at starting up.  Don’t go in blind like I did!!!  READ READ READ any articles on the tips of starting up a business that appeal to you.
  2. Look at others shops to see how they market their items and what tags they use for SEO.
  3. What is not being marketed and what you can capitalize on.
  4. It’s easy to start a blog it only takes minutes from start to finish.
  5. You don’t necessarily have to be computer smart because if you have ? you can ask in Facebook groups or forums on blog.  EXCEPT what the hell is a code to highlight to add to your HTML???  Really!!!  (it only took me 3 hours to figure this out!!!
  6. Pinterest is your pal!!!  You can find all kinds of articles on starting blog, affiliate marketing, free patterns, DIY ideas or probably whatever you need.
  7. Facebook groups are the best as you get different opinions on all types of topics that may help you.  Groups I belong to:  for crafty people, for crafty people, for blogging,  for blogging  (this is just a few of the groups out there in FB land)
  8. Everyone out there is trying to sell you something.  Including you so pay attention and learn of others.
  9. Reach out to other shop owners, bloggers for community help.  If you don’t ask they won’t know.
  10. Be patient not all things start out great but will improve with time.  I’m still struggling with ??? like what should I blog about today, why am I not seeing a bunch of sales with all of these views, what what what?

Some days I think am I doing the right thing with this Etsy shop and blog…then I remind myself about number 10!!!

So it is like an ebb and flow both in my Etsy Shop and Blog…

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Thanks for listening in today

Chrissy <3

I am a wife, mother and grandma all rolled into one women's body. I have a PASSION for creating through Crochet with LOVE!!!!

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