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Easy Slip Knot Tutorial

Good Day to all!  Today I am sharing my tutorial on how to create a slip knot.  As we all know the  slip knot is the first thing you need to know to get started whether you are crocheting or knitting. There are many ways to create a slip knot however I am sharing the only way I have ever made one.  If you need help reach out in comments.


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How To


<h3 srcset=1st take the yarn and make a bunny ear shape with the 6 “>


2nd place tail over thumb and behind the bunny ear loop

slip knot tutoria;
third step

Third push the tail of the yarn through the hole where your thumb is with your index finger.  Pull the tail on through while holding onto bunny ear with other hand and pull both tail and bunny ear till knot tightens up snugly.  However, do not over tighten as you will not be able to adjust your slip knot.


In conclusion you have just created a slip knot.  Insert your hook into the loop made and pull on the working yarn end to tighten up onto your hook. 

Below is a short video tutorial.


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Let me know your thoughts or if you have questions.

See you soon!



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