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Double Crochet Tutorial

Good afternoon to all my crochet peeps!  Today I am sharing another how to tutorial for the double crochet stitch.  So far we have learned:

Slip Knot


Slip Stitch

Single Crochet

Half Double Crochet

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The double crochet stitch is abbreviated as dc in most crochet patterns.  I would say this stitch is incorporated into many patterns and is very popular.  This is the 4th tallest stitch of the basic stitches.  Its openness is a more pliable fabric.  Unlike the single crochet which is more closed stitching and is a more solid fabric.  The double crochet stitch works up very fast and you are able to complete say a blanket in no time at all because of its height.  It’s height is the same as 3 sc tall or 2 half double crochet tall.  Let’s get going on the tutorial.  Check out below image A-1 to see a swatch of double crochet.  Notice how it looks a bit lacy compared to the single or half double crochet.



Step 1

Chain 13 for the purpose of practicing.  If you are working a pattern make sure you follow instructions on how many starting chains to create.  (reference image A-2)


Step 2

Yarn over hook, insert into 4th chain from the hook (reference images A-3 & A-4)



Step 3

Yarn over hook (reference image A-5)


Step 4

Pull up look.  You know have 3 loops on hook (reference image A-6)


Step 5

Yarn over hook, pull thru 2 loops on hook, leaving you with 2 loops on hook (reference image A-7 & A-8)



Step 6

Yarn over, pull thru both loops on hook, (reference images A-9)


Step 7

You now have one completed double crochet stitch!!!  (Reference image A-10)


Step 8

Repeat all steps in every chain stitch across and do not forget to count your stitches.  (reference image A-11)


Step 9

Chain 3,  remember the beginning chain 3 is counted as a dc (reference image A-12)


Step 10

Turn work, dc in 1st dc from ch 3, dc in every dc across (reference image A-13)



Remember that the chain 3 at the beginning of the rows is counted as a stitch.  However, there are some patterns that do not count the beginning chains as stitches (always follow pattern instructions).  So, like our practice swatch should have 10 dc stitches in each row.  I can’t stress enough about counting stitches in all rows.

If you like this beginner crochet tutorial for Double Crochet don’t forget to check put my other beginner tutorials and also check out my resource library for the best cheat sheets for crochet CROCHET RESOURCES

Happy Crocheting!


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