Criss-Cross Crochet Dishcloth Easy Pattern

Criss-Cross Dishcloth just might be your new favorite to make.  They are easy and fast.  A pattern you can memorize easily.  For the simple fact it is a three row repeat pattern.  These beautiful dishcloth’s are a joy to crochet!

So let me tell you straight how it is.  If I say I’m in love with this easy crochet dishcloth pattern am I really saying I love to do dishes???  Ummmm that’s a big HECK NO!  I do enjoy a tidy kitchen but I am, in no way, someone who loves washing dishes.  Therefore I am the one who loves doing the cooking but I loathe the clean up! So of course I’ll let someone else do the dishes if possible.  With this in mind it is needless to say you will not walk  into my house unannounced and find it spotless.

My mother raised a woman who believes in living a full life and baby it is a full life.  If you could look into the room I’m working in right now you would see (FYI it is Dec 22) yarn EVERYWHERE, scratch pad  handy, lots of crochet hooks handy, tools, scissors, mac book, ipad, iphone, finished projects, 1/2 finished projects, patterns 1/2 completed, shipping supplies and the list goes on, and on  and on.  Therefore on about Jan 3, 2022 my plan is to once again organize my work space.  This is a yearly ritual you know.  LOL

Big SIGH, but if you love a good crochet dishcloth and adore an easy pattern.  Then this Criss-Cross dishcloth is just the thing.  So grab a skein of 100% cotton yarn size 4-med weight yarn, I/9-5.50 mm hook  and your favorite drink and plop your feet up and lets get started.

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Let’s get going on to your next favorite crochet pattern!

Criss-Cross Crochet Dishcloth


9″ x 9″ 

Gauge is not that important of an issue.  As long as you use the proper size yarn and hook.  Even if your dishcloth comes out a bit larger or smaller it will still be a lovely dishcloth!

Pattern in US terms


62 yds per dishcloth Hobby Lobby I Love This Cotton (100% cotton, 180 yds/165 m, 3.5 oz/100 g) 4-med weight

I/9-5.50 mm hook FURL’S STREAMLINE HOOK  is my favorite hook

yarn needle



ch:  chain

sc:  single crochet

sk:  skip

st:  stitch

dc:  double crochet

rep:  repeat


Row count totals & special notes in parentheses ()

Repeat the instructions following the single asterisk as directed *

work instructions within brackets [] as many times as directed


Row 1:  ch 29, sc in 2nd ch from hook, sc in every ch across,  turn. 28 sc

Row 2:  ch 3,  *sk 1 st, dc in next st, dc in skipped st, rep from * across to last stitch, dc in last st,  turn. 2 dc, 12 crossed dc

Row 3:  ch 1, sc in every st across, turn. 28 sc

Row 4:  rep row 3

Continue on with 3 row repeat pattern,  [rep 3 row repeat pattern] 6 times, for total of 22 rows.


Turn, ch 1, 3 sc in same st as ch 1, sc across top to next corner st, 3 sc in next corner st, sc evenly down side to next corner st, 3 sc in next corner st, sc across bottom to next corner st, 3 sc in next corner st, sc up side to next corner st, sl st to beg sc

fasten off and weave in end


Why make your own dishcloths?  A crochet dishcloth is fun to create and they are a great item to give as a gift.  Also the color options are pretty well endless!  That is to say have you been in a yarn store lately????   On top of those reasons then you have the health reasons too.  Another key point we all know sponges are just teaming with bacteria, where as you can throw crochet dishcloth’s into the washing machine and dryer which will kill bacteria.  Additionally you can wash them how often you like.  Crochet dishcloths can be created using any stitch pattern.  In addition you use a scrubby yarn like Sugar’ n Cream Scrub Off Yarn if you want a yarn with more scouring power.

How much yarn do I need to crochet a dishcloth?  To crochet this pattern you need approximately 62 yds of 4-med weight yarn.   However, for the most part most of the dishcloth patterns out there they are a one skein each project.

What kind of yarn do you use to make dishcloths?  100% cotton yarn is the best choice for dishcloths.  In addition I used my favorite brand of 100% cotton yarn which is Hobby Lobby’s I Love This Cotton Yarn.  Basically it is super soft, absorbent and a natural fiber which makes it a great choice for a dishcloth! 

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Happy Crocheting!


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