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Chain Stitch Tutorial

What an Exciting day today as I have completed another Youtube tutorial and below you can find how to create chain stitch.  The chain stitch is the very first stitch you need to learn in order to create any crocheted item.  Below you will find a image tutorial along with a Youtube tutorial video.

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The front of a chain looks like a series of “V”s (see image A-1), whereas they look like the links of a chain.  When counting chains, you count each “V” as 1 chain.  This image has 12 chain stitches.  You count the chains to see if you come up with 12 chain stitches.  Where you work your stitches into the chain depends on what your pattern suggests.   I usually just work my first row of stitches into the top loops of the chain.  In addition the only time I do not work my stitches in the top loops is when the pattern I am following calls for another way of working stitches.


Step 1

Insert hook into slip knot tighten slip knot by pulling on the working end of the yarn (yarn connected to skein).  Tighten till yarn moves easily up and down shaft of the hook.  In addition if it does not move easily then pull on the tail of yarn to loosen slip knot.  

Step 2

Move hook under the working yarn,  hook, twist and pull yarn thru loop on hook.


Step 3

You now have 1 chain stitch created!

Step 4

Repeat step 2.  Now you have 2 chain stitches.  Keep repeating step 2 until you feel comfortable with how your chains look.  The chains should be uniform in size and shape.  If not focus on using the same tension on working yarn.  Check out this video tutorial on chain stitch


If you are totally new to crochet and need help with creating a slip knot check out this tutorial post Slip Knot Tutorial

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