9 FREE Unique Halloween Crochet Patterns That are Awesome

9 FREE CrochetPatterns


I Vant to suck your bloooooddddd…

That’s my best Vad impression don’t you know.  Halloween is one of my favorite holidays…wait let me say that again it is my favorite holiday.  Not because you get candy but because you can dress up and pretend you are anyone or anything.  Wait the candy is good too!!!  I have searched the web in search of unique Halloween crochet patterns and guess what they are all FREE!!!  Some are for costumes and some are decor for the home.


This 1st one is sooooo important as if you don’t have something to carry all of that candy in you are screwed.  I thought this bag is so cute and not frightening if you have little ones that will be going trick or treating.  Is that Nestle Crunch bars I see…wait…yes it is…I’ll be back in a minute.




DIY Slippers

This 2nd one is one of my favorites…I think I’m going to make this one for myself…so creative in design…you could change it up in many different ways.  I even included 2 views of this one as I wipe the chocolate from my face.




Here’s a perfect costume for a little one!  I can see this on a grandbaby.  Look at the detail of the vines and leaves!




I could where just a mask also.  The pattern shows how to make the mask stiff also.  This would be good in other colors like orange, purple or green.





How about a wrap for that Halloween Party!  Nothing better than skulls designed into wrap.  Cute Cute Cute!!!  You could be a witch or other evil entity.




Home decor anyone???  What a special little bones guy you could make very easily.






More home decor for the party drinks.  We could also make garland out of these cute ghost coasters.




Pumpkin eaaater here we come pumpkin for everyone!  These are good from September-Thanksgiving.




Well that's it for the roundup today!   I hope you're  inspired to create some bootastic designs today!!!

See you soon


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