10 Christmas Blanket Crochet Patterns

Today I am sharing a round up of 10 Crochet Christmas Blanket Patterns.  These patterns range from traditional red/green motifs, granny squares and blue/white motifs.  You ask why am I sharing Christmas projects now????  Well if you are like me you love to plan and look at new projects for future creating!  Besides it is Christmas in July!  He He!  If you are new to crochet world make sure you check out my BASIC CROCHET STITCHES

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First up is this super cute granny square pixel of a Gingerbread Man.  Can you imagine it used in a blanket I sure can!  This free pattern is from Sarah with Repeat Crafter me.  She also has other pixel Christmas patterns available too.



Up next is this super elegant country Christmas Blanket by Breann with Hooked On Homemade Happiness.  This granny square pattern is an easy level crochet project.  I just love the muted Christmas colors used in this blanket!  


Next is a traditional Granny square pattern in red and green.  I men who doesn’t love granny squares?  Another easy level project for the beginner.  This pattern is by Amanda with Amanda Crochets Handmade With Love.


This pattern is again from Sarah with Repeat Crafter me.  I love snow and I love this granny square snowflake pattern.  This image is in red and white and would be just as cute in blue and white.  So check out this easy pattern now.


This pattern up next is not the traditional Christmas Blanket But it is SO CUTE!!!!  I think I will be making this one for my home this year!  It was created by Meghan with Meghan Makes Do.  It is created crochet the corner to corner stitch.  So if you are not familiar with the stitch you can find lots of crochet tutorials on Pinterest and Youtube.



Who ever thought of a plaid patch work blanket is genius!  I absolutely love this blanket! So it is perfect for the none traditional Christmas decor.  This pattern was created by Bethany with Whistle and Ivy.


Next one is from Heather with The Unraveled Mitten.  It is created in the traditional colors of green, red and white.  Also this pattern has a lacy look with a ripple stitch.  Totally unique!


This super cute snowman blanket is from Erangi with Crochet For You.  It is another granny square pattern but isn’t that snowman cute!  


Up next is a another cute blanket from Repeat Crafter me.  I love Christmas lights on the tree, I love them on the house.  So of courses I love them on a blanket!


Last but not least is this another take on the plaid blankets!  I love this one for the extra bling of the fur around the squares.  It was created by Sonya with Blackstone Designs.


In conclusion

So there you have it!  Make sure you let me know your thoughts on Christmas in July round-up of 10 Crochet Christmas Blankets.  In addition make sure to Pin this post and subscribe to newsletter for more patterns, tips and crochet goodness.  These blankets are all super great Christmas Blankets whether you like traditional or modern designs so if you like a design don’t forget to follow the crochet artist who created the pattern.

Happy Crocheting!


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