Welcome to OTH By Chrissy!  As you have probably guessed I am Chrissy Allison and I am the fiber artist/designer behind the scenes.  My passion is creating unique products, patterns, tips and tricks to inspire you on your crochet journey.

I am the wife of Greg, the mother of Chase, Greg Jr and Marla.  In addition we have four beautiful grand daughters all from age 19 to 6 months old.  We affectionately call ourselves the “Allison Girl Gang”!  Therefore, I love spending time with the family as that is what life is about!  Isn’t it?  My husband is one of my biggest supporters in this venture of the crochet world.

As far as crocheting goes I operate this Blog, social media and my Etsy shop.  It takes quite a bit of my energy to keep this all going but I love the challenge.  You can find me on Pinterest, Rumble, MeWe, Love Crafts, Ravelry and Etsy.  I offer both free and paid patterns as well as tutorials, tips and crochet fun.  Let me know your thoughts.  I would love to hear from you!  I also love seeing your works of art!

My FAVORITE projects:

Fallen Leaves Poncho

Fall Leaf Mug Rug

Sunflower Mug Rug

Pedicure Socks

Baby Sunhat

Beginner Fingerless Gloves

My Favorite Supplies:

Leisure Arts books are the best in that they hae a whole array of crochet patterns from sock to blankets and everything in between.  Look at this Year of Afghans book below!  I do think I am going to try these out next.

eBook A Year of Afghans Book 13

Next my new favorite crochet hook!  I am so excited about this hook I finally bit the dust and bought myself a Furls Hook.  Not only a Furls hook but a Furls Alpha Series hook!  This hook is hand created out of tulip wood.  To be honest when I took it out of the box I was very pleased with the look of the hook I mean look at the wood grain in this one.  I had to try it out right away.  At first it felt really weird to hold in my hand because my whole life I have been a Boye girl because I love the slick metal and the shape of the hook.  Well my Furls did not disappoint me in the least.  To that I’ll add…now that I am use to the wider hook I am over the moon happy with my purchase.  The hook is smooth as a babies butt.  Absolutely amazing for a hand made hook!  So if you want to treat yourself to this fabulous hook check them out HERE



So enjoy have a look around and don’t forget to subscribe to the Blog to get updates weekly on whats new at “OTH BY Chrissy”!

Happy Crocheting!



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Welcome to OTH ByChrissy!

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